Hangar №3 for World of Tanks Blitz


We present to your attention a new variation on the Japanese hangar by Koks77740 (KoksKoks77740). This standard will replace the hangar. This hangar replaces the standard.
Hangarlow 3. 1

Hangarlow 3. 2

Hangarlow 3. 3

Hangarlow 3. 4

Hangarlow 3. 5

Updated hangar is made very high quality and would have to find their players.


Download and unzip the archive.
Attention! The original hangar (hangarlow) need a prior delete, copy it somewhere in a separate folder or rename added a couple of letters.

Copy the Data folder from the archive on this way:
Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.bliz / files


Мод_АнгарN3_Koks77740 (28 Mb)


  1. Uzas!!

  2. I like why you done.I am a German tanker I know maybe you hate N.A.Z.I.Germam but come you make German garage?

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