Hangar and skins for tanks “Crusaders”

Today we are pleased to offer you a hangar in the new style. The hangar has the name “Crusaders”. Even the name, you can determine what style will the hangar. If you install yourself this mod your tank is transported to the Middle Ages with a large-scale crusades.
Typical London Castle with an infinitely long carpets, frescoes, paintings on the walls, stone floors and columns, but only one is not expected element – your tank in the middle.

The author thought about all details and that would complete the picture, Johnny19041988 offers the same tanks skins for this style. Download mod and feel the spirit of medieval battles.


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androi / data / net.wargaming / files / data / 3d / tanks / desired nation / images and to agree on a replacement file.

Hangar (28 MB)

Skins (1 MB)

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  1. I can’t download it, because it says “page not found”. What should l do? Plese fix it, l really like to get that mod.

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