[2.6] Hangar in Russian style

Hello warriors,

Koks77740. 7

Today our site has replenished with another, cool hangar from the already well-known player KoksKoks77740. At this time, he developed a hangar in the Russian style.

¦а¦-TБTБ¦¬TП N1. 1 ¦а¦-TБTБ¦¬TП N1. 2

Hangar very beautiful and now everyone can download and install it to your tablet or phone.

How to install:
Note: Before installing this hangar must-copy / rename / delete the original hangar (hangarlow). The fact that in the original files are used hangar – .PVR, and in mod – .PNG.

To install a hangar just copy the “Data” folder from the archive on this way Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.bliz / files/


Mod_hangarlow_Russia_1_Koks77740 (23 Mb)


  1. Very Nice.

  2. An inlnetigelt answer – no BS – which makes a pleasant change

  3. faz um do brasil que fica massa

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