Hangar “Miku Blitz Edition” for WOT Blitz

We recently introduced an interesting mod from the Parking Area team. The mod is called Miku ver.2. Miku ver.2 – portable hangar from World of Tanks specially designed for competition from Wargaming “best modifications”.
Indeed, this hangar turned out to be good and convenient, many players loved it and actively use it.

Today we offer a modified version of this hangar under the name “Miku Blitz Edition”. “Miku Blitz Edition” has some changes:

  • The new hangar is not as animated
  • New hangar a little lightened
  • New hangar lighter


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The author of the mod is the famous mod model Ky4ik. Important! Like the previous hangar, the new hangar Miku Blitz Edition is not designed for weak PCs, as it can lower FPS.

The Data folder is copied from the archive to the location where the cache is stored.

Miku Blitz Edition (89 MB)


  1. This mod is amazing.. Really great work… But how are called the songs in the garage ? I am really curious because finding music like this is really hard. Thanks

  2. как установить?

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