Hangar Miku ver.2

Today we present to your attention a special mod-hangar Miku. Firstly, this mod is a portable version of the World of Tanks. Secondly, it is not just a charging mod, but a high-quality and functional mod. This modification was specially developed for the competition by the best modification from Wargaming.
The team that developed this mod – Parking Area Team. I’m sure many people will like this hangar. Important! Mod is not designed for weak computers.
The hangar itself is made in dark blue tones with futuristic notes. Backlight, hologram and the very design of the hangar room – looks fascinating and very beautiful. Mod looks as if from the future. I am sure that many tankers will appreciate it.


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Download mod. Then copy everything to the Data folder from the archive to the location where the cache is stored. Do not forget about backups.


Hangar Miku (170 MB)


  1. this mod is a little broken

  2. They should remake this mod exactly how it is, my fav hangar.

  3. www
    this mode is broken
    plz fix it

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