Hangar on the “Canyon” map

Especially for our subscribers, we offer the best mod and a variety mods for game World of Tanks Blitz. Today’s mod is no exception.

The hangar, which was created based on a map, “Canyon”. Author of mod is well-known modder johnny19041988. Mod is very atmospheric. Your tank in the middle of the bridge and around the stone blocks and a light layer of snow on them. Many players prefer the hangars on the open areas. If you are one of them then this mod is for you important.


9226297 9226295 9226290
copy the contents of the archive in the Android / data /net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data / 3d / maps, and with the replacement of files and merge folders.
hangar (26 MB)


  1. Hi ich hoffe deine hack geht dann bin ich dir ewig dankbar 😀

  2. Ich liebe deine Videos

  3. Hi

  4. dont work dude wtf?

  5. Hola me gustaria saber es camuflage hd del is6 con esos dibujos??

    • Mario Marica

  6. how to use it in win10?thx

    • you cant, download steam

  7. Do you know if it works on Mac ? If yes tell me how …

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