Hangar “Platform”

Recently we wrote about mod-hangar, “Canyon”. This is a beautiful hangar in open air. Today we present a hangar on the same technology.
The hangar is based on the Echelon map. Lonely, abandoned car, which stands at the edge of the platform have long since had time to drop snow and your tank in the middle of the platform. Beautiful, peaceful and winter Hangar – such we can describe this mod. Authot the same – johnny19041988.


copy the contents of the archive in the Android / data /net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data / 3d / maps, and with the replacement of files and merge folders.

hangar_platform (50 MB)


  1. Hello InS MEGA SUPER

  2. This hangar is wonderful. I like this too much

  3. Really wonderful! Can you guys fix the original canyon hangar though? It’s missing a few contents.

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