Hangar Rock for World of Tanks Blitz

We offer a hangar in modern style. Minimum additional paraphernalia maximum style. The hangar is called Rock for a reason. It seems that the hangar is located in a rock gorge. Instead of walls – stones, instead of the ceiling – hanging stalactites.
Concrete floor with a pedestal in the middle of the hangar, where will settle your tank, looks very impressive. In the background is an active process of repair others your equipment from hangar. And complete the composition of iron elements with spotlights, lighting.


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– Go to the cache / 3d / Maps folder and rename it there are three folders: hangar, hangarlow and Hangar_hell2016;
– Copy the contents of the archive in the cache;

Hangar Rock (57 MB)


  1. Who makes this hangar rock skin??

  2. now this hangar look sick with dracula tank


  3. dude. i cant download it. says that the page doesnt exist. 🙁

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