Hangar Warhammer 40 K from johnny19041988

We recently introduced a unique hangar called Warhammer 40k. The hangar is very special and interesting, it can not be called atypical for the world of tanks.
A distant future, an unknown planet, which is completely different from the planet Earth and your tank, somewhere in an uncharted galaxy. Many people like such an atmosphere.
Today we want to offer a similar mod, but from another author. Meet the Warhammer 40 K ultramarines from johnny19041988. The author has slightly modified the mod and made his own adjustments, I think you’ll like it.


archive it in data /net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / data / 3d / maps and agree to replace the files and merge the folders.


Warhammer 40 K (40 MB)

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