Historic modpack v4.7 from For Blitz Team

We are pleased to present you a new modpack for WoT Blitz. Modpack was developed by a team well known modders For Blitz. The first modpack advantage – is its functionality. Famous, popular, new and original mods, are part of modpack. You do not need to install numerous modifications separately – simply download modpack.
In historic modpack you can expect the following modifications:

  • Skin for more than 90% of all tanks in the game. Skins for every taste and style.
  • Tank icon
  • Original voice
  • Remote direction indicators


  • loading screens with tanks photos
  • Historical gunfire
  • Hangar
  • Historical tanks skin

Now author actively update and improve his modpack. Therefore, in the next few releases will be sights, extra loading screens.

Historic modpack (550 MB)


  1. Where does this modpack go

    • Put it straight up your butt.

  2. Original voice – does that means that if i play Japanese tank they will speak in Japanese

  3. Hello

  4. There are certain tanks that when previewing crash the game.
    What’s the cause and solution for this?

  5. How do we put these mods in our game?

  6. nagyon szertem a blitzet

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