[2.7] Historical skin tanks for WoT Blitz

Dear tankers,
BlitzModsTeam presenting to your attention the historical skins tanks. Skins created on all the tanks, which are in the game. In addition, this mod is compatible with all GPU, so you can easily install it on their devices.


исторические1 исторические

How to install:

Download and unzip.

“Data” folder copy and paste on this way: Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.blitz / file/


HistPak_by_Ky4ik.zip (182 Mb) universal version


  1. Best yet

  2. Does this mod change the tank skin?
    or it just chang the tank icon?

    • it changes the skins

    • it changes the skins of all the tanks

  3. Hi sir, can you make the historical gunfire.?? Cos the previous one had a problem and we all really love that mod but there is a bug when fighting high tiers in WOT. Please help us Sir. Thank you.

  4. It changes the skins of the tanks entirely. Also, I’m not sure if its this mod or another.. But I can’t play in tier 10 games without crashing.

  5. Done. But ican’t open WOT Blitz

  6. How this works?
    I have Android (wiko) and followed the staps. But why it doesn’t works?

  7. Dose it have for Mali?

  8. It won’t let meh download it I just tap on the link for the download and it starts to load then like just stops and gets rid of the download progress as if I hadn’t pressed the download link

  9. como los instalo en mi ipod??

  10. Please upload a version for Mali.
    Thanks 🙂

    • Yes, i have to use 2.3 version of this mod now because there is no mali.
      2.3 version works but you don’t have japanese skins.

      • there is no link tp 2.3 :/

  11. They dont work, there is only one file per tank. There should be 2. Adreno not complete.

  12. i need anime skin

  13. Thx a lot

    But I have question that what is MALL’s download?

    As you know galaxy note4 S LTE use mail processor..

    Plz notice that 🙂

  14. In addition

    As you know most of galaxy serise use MALI processor.. thx

    I always grateful when I use skins in this site

  15. Can you make skin for mali gpu?

  16. I’m sure Adreno file may work with Mali GPUs. Tried it myself and only one jap tank skin is kinda broken but bit unnoticeable.

  17. Are there new skins for the japanese tanks in this mod?

  18. @Wahlols yes there are new skins for jap tanks.

  19. Mali pleaseeee 🙂 i really need this mod

  20. Uhm, what programs do you use for editing? LaTex doesnt work with the Blitz .tex/.pvr datas and have enough textures for a modern skin pack like Bundeswehr late game tanks and UN Tanks for example…
    Wanna do it on my own, but my programs doesnt work.
    Any suggestions?
    Thx, calisota

  21. I’m new to this whole Modding thing. Can I get a step-by-step on what to do? I really want to mod my skins. Thanks!

  22. Where is the Mali version ?

  23. Here’s a guide to inputting/downloading mods:

    1. Download ZArchiver.
    2. Download said mod.
    3. Cut and extract the mod into said game files (android>data> net.wargaming…>Data>…
    4. Enjoy!!!.
    (5. Make sure your game is off when putting in mods and make backups.

  24. Mali? Mali? Mali? Mali? Mali? ‘-‘

  25. Adreno version doesn’t work on the Mali GPU-s. Please make version for Mali.

  26. 8===========================D

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  27. Hello

  28. I,m Will heve skin

  29. In the recent version the t29 skin is not working and the vk3001 d is missing. Can you please fix this?

    Also if possible give the nation’s symbols to the e5, e4, E100, pz 4 ( tier 4)

    Thank you

  30. Also in the kv13 the number on the left side is mirrored. Thank you for the attention.

  31. This the best

  32. Please developers upload a version for Mali. I love this skin pack!

  33. 아무거나

  34. Wiiiiiiiii

  35. Ghknhbjhb

  36. 스킨좀….

  37. Mali pls

  38. I don’t know how to enable mods.Who help me?

  39. Ohh yeah 8|

  40. good!!

  41. Hi
    First thank for the incredible work
    Which logiciel do you use to open the adreno files? To modify them
    I can open and change all the other one with pvrtextool but i cant with adreno

  42. Where is the mali zip?

  43. It’s cool! 🙂

  44. copy 3d flie and replace original 3d file?

  45. Tried it for version 2.11, it worked.
    Normal cammo works with it, dosen’t cause any technical problem or crash so far and the newest tanks simply show the old textures.

    Thanks to the creator of this mod.

  46. Cant get this to work

  47. Works still for 3.4 but some skins are corrupted af

  48. HOW

  49. Hi modder,please add skin for GPU Adreno and Power VR

  50. Fuck you World of Tank Blitz. Fck all of your downes developers, a ton of unrepaired game problems, uneven matching, failed updates, fake tanks, and all your bs. Fck all of you.

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