Hit zones of fuel tank and combat pack for World of Tanks Blitz

In battle is very important to know where exactly need shoot to cause maximum damage. Mods from category hit zones perfectly help player in this. Hit zones indicate the strengths and weaknesses places of the enemy tank.
Today we present mod from category hit zones. Mod using color markers will inform player about  weak spot of the enemy: the engine, fuel tank, combat pack. More than 200 machines marks are in mod.

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Author of mod is player under the nickname Ky4ik. The mod is compatible with all devices including iOS and Windows 10
Unzip the contents of the archive in the cache / files /

Hit zones of  fuel tank and combat pack  (200 MB)


  1. Illegal mod.

    • How is that mod illegal? It shows where the fuel tanks and ammo racks are. I, as a good player, don’t NEED it to be good, it is just helpful when you have time to aim at weakspots properly. I can do well without the changed textures aswell. And a poor player, who barely hits, won’t get better. He still won’t hit the target’s weakspots. And if I remember correctly, WG didn’t release a list of illegal “mods” for Blitz, and aslong as there are no aimbots, I see no need for that either

    • moronic comment…sry

  2. It tooks so long to download

  3. please help mod windown 10 ??? thank murch

  4. Is crash when i copy folde tank overive on old folde of 2.11. I was download all game again.

  5. Not for ios !!

    • correct! not compatible for iOS, the information is misleading!!

  6. Its good and 100% work .but i need hit zone for all tanks plase .???

    • Plase for all tank .

    • Where do I put file?!?!

  7. It crashed on wot blitz 2.11 for ipad,so i think it nedds update.

  8. Doesnt work on my galaxy tab s 2

  9. هههههه goood proogram

  10. Goood program

  11. O lave sis??

  12. Thank you for your services currently 3.1 to let this version of tanks and tank update We ask of Germany second distroyer tank line with what comes out. You have a nice day to be …

  13. IPad Air 2 , 9.3.3 jailbreak
    The Russian tanks are the only ones that worked for me and they look great but I’d really like to have all of them. When adding the files I noticed that the Russian tank files were the only ones that replaced some of the app files. All the others just added the new files without replacing any. Is this an issue with WG renaming files in those folders? Is it just a matter of updating the file names?

  14. pls ADMINS MODS K4LYK developers.
    an EASY TO UNDERSTAND TUTORIAL in english, and,
    UPDATED INFOS on wether the mods WORK or NOT in v.3.0
    would be just awesome, only to clearify the stat.
    im old and need my dead white tanks, nice icons n real gun sounds and a contrasted ironsight, like it was before v.3….

  15. whoever wrote this article is stupid.. it doesn’t work on windows 10 as stated in this stupid article.. I looked up the file formats used in windows 10 is .DDS, the ones in the download doesn’t have these

  16. who say hit skin mods are illegal lol i plyed with them and they dont make any diference i just delte them

  17. Hi too
    No this mod is so good.
    I can played with this mod.
    Just must fix this mod for all tanks.
    Fixed for wot b 3.5
    Thank you

    • How to instal rhis file I download it and I dont know what next ???? PLS HELP

  18. I have 2 ammo rack with this mod in one game
    2 is7 ammo racked
    So good mod.
    Pls fix

  19. Good work. But many fuel tank positions are incorrect.

  20. Waited forever to download this where in the world do i put the file. I dont want to corrupt my game

  21. Is it for all tanks?

  22. What??? 200 vehicles??? Only 200 mb!!! Old korean randoms in 470mb and 100 tanks

  23. Working fine for me ( android )

  24. bonjour je trouve pas le chemin je suis sur mac sos c’est quoi l’adresse

  25. Bonjour, ce mod ne fonctionne pas pour moi. (chemin : steam => clic droit world of tank blitz => propriétés => parcourir les fichiers locaux => clic droit icone wot => et la on trouve les fichiers => content => ressources => data => 3D => tanks => et la on remplace les nations du la fin du dossier qu’il nous a donne et on cles copies / colle => remplacer et voila normalement c’est bon. J’ai essaye plusieurs chose pour l’installer, mais cela ne marche pas. Le mod ne fonctionne pas. Dommage

  26. El mod si funciona les dejo este video echo por mi para que lo comprueben:

  27. Big man….but in new version not run.. all file are ” dvpl ” extension

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