HitZones (Icons) Korean Random for WoT Blitz

We present our very popular modifications that are downloaded and installed millions of players – HitZones  for Korean Random WoT Blitz.



With this mod you can find all the weaknesses of your enemy. This modification has the advantage over the other, because it does not repaint the tank making it colorful and just puts a mark in the form of a neat white icons.

4202 103 is6


Each icon has its value, falling into which you can undermine the ammunition tanks or kill the commander. This modification can be used, both beginners and professionals.

Weaknesses tanks supported on machines starting from the 5th until the 10th tier. Author mode: DAGGER

Explanation (value) icon:



Download the archive and extract it
“Data” folder from the archive copy and paste the cash games on this path: /sdcard/Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files


(All)CorRan_By_DAGGER (472 Mb)


  1. I’m gonna try this mod with the new update

    • doesnt work for me update 4.2

  2. Nice…

  3. It works perfectly

    • what the device you have play ?

  4. please provide one version for iOS

  5. Is this for all tanks?…

  6. how long you provide version for iOS ? I really really want it ….

  7. Where can i find and download the original sfx file

  8. For mali only?

  9. Can you please make this for adreno, I really like the design in this one.

  10. Is there a file for adreno?

  11. Please make 1 more adreno:”(

  12. Please make this for adreno :”(

  13. i love this mod. But how long to make for iOS ? :((

  14. Is it works with v. 2.1?

  15. pls make it for adreno (samsung devices)

  16. please make one version for iOS !!!! please !!!!

  17. Anybody has skin modes for adreno ? Please post a link

  18. it doesn’t work on asus too good. many parts of taks are separated from each other.
    asus 7hd: Power vr sgx 544mp

  19. Author no answer any question 🙁 so sad !!!

  20. still no update for samsung s4 or simmilar devices :/

  21. Stop asking question the author is blind so he cant see your comments

    • how can let he see our comment ?

    • How do u install?l

  22. The most UdSSR tanks haven’t got a new skin with hilighted weakspots.
    What should I do ?

    • bonjour slvouplait je sais pas comment mettre le mod de blitz sur le jeux je les installer déjà

  23. Very good. It works perfectly.
    Hope more counties and tanks were applied.

    • can you make a video on how to do the steps?
      i dont quite understand the instructions
      when i paste it,do i overwrite the original files?
      very big mess…………
      i need a tutorial……………..

  24. Will this mod work for wot blitz 2.4.0 in android?

    • Yes for android devices.

  25. Update now!!! Please…..

  26. Eine Deutsche anleitung zur Mod Installation gibt es hier ->

    • cool thx. endlich n tut auf deutsch als vid.

  27. this Mod dont work with the Windows 10 Version

  28. It work good. But if the tank have camo, the weakspots, ammo, engine all is not clear. It’s hard to find it. What should i do? Or everyone have this? This graphics not should be more white or more visibility?

    • Go to your settings and turn off rendering of other player’s camo

      • No No!
        Forget it!
        Just found this mod is ILLEGAL and will get you BANNED!!!!

        DO NOT USE IT!!!!!

  29. Apparently this file is so big that even over wifi it takes 30+ min to DL. Wow putit on A diet

  30. I was trying to get it on my iOS finally said forget it.

  31. I have crash sometimes when i play on M3 Lee.

  32. Very good. You’ve added all tanks from japanse tree (5+ tiers). But in further versions could you add german light tanks line as well.

  33. Pls make a Version for Windows 10

  34. sirve para la versión 2.8?

  35. Is this file made for 2.8?

  36. I need the Skins for Blitz on Windows 10. Pls Help

  37. hope you all know that this is an illegal mod for blitz and you can get permanently banned for downloading it.

  38. Pls add the new Tanks in game. People still waiting for upgrade this mod. It is also the best mod in the game.

  39. Download stays at 0% does not increase, my connection is good

  40. Does it work for wot blitz version

  41. This mod is illegal mate

    • since it doent alter your personal gameplay, it is not, repeat NOT illegal. neither the mod nor its use. it would be different if it was an auto aim&shoot/ secure hit mod. THIS is illegal, and u a noob

  42. Plase for all tanks ???

  43. ATTENTION!!!
    it works on iOS.
    you have to encode the files to be able to play this mod on iOS.

    • encode in what way.. does it need root or not… etc.. where to install… u bein talkin shite, stop it pls or EXPLAIN THE EXACT WAY

      • I can give you if you’re polite enough to ask

      • btw, I did the all the encodes myself using PVR tools, just google if you don’t believe me.

  44. I’ve got to agree with Robert, all we heard when the price of everything was high was because of the demand from China and India, their econonies (and demands) are tanking now so why the increase ?I smell artificial market maunlipation (aka the government) going on!

  45. Does it work on windows 10?

  46. Will this work on 3.4

  47. Good work. But where did you get the ammo rack position in M103? There shouldn’t be any in the turret.

  48. How you do it? I dont know how.. :/ i do like manual but it doesnt work. Sorry for bad english

  49. Steam ??

  50. New UPDATE pls

  51. Refresh tanks of update 4.0
    New frenchs td’s

  52. It works for version 4.1 ?
    None of them work …
    Someone help !!!
    Detailed installation, video?

  53. Link off…

  54. Instalo mod hit zones. Wotb 5.6.2
    Está actualizado. Admin??

    • No funcionó en 5.6.2 actualiza…pls.

  55. How do you install for wot blitz pc

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