Improved balancing in 2.9 update

Many tankers are not enthusiastic about the team formation before the battle start. At the moment, there is rendom formation. It is means that in combat you will expect vehicles on 1-2 levels above your tank or on 1-2 below your tank. If you will have the first version, it means that on the battlefield you will be hard. You will need to make every effort to achieve a positive result. This battle is not quite fair because tank at 2 levels above has better performance and shot it is not so easy. But if you have second version the situation is quite different. You can quickly and easily apply the maximum damage to the enemy.

In update 2.9 problem with balancing tanks in the game will change for the better. Now the technique before the battle will be distributed only one level higher or lower. In the game difference in 1 level will not give significant advantages to the player. Everything will depend on his fighting abilities.




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