Improved mod sixth sense

Presenting your attention the mod of the sixth sense, such as that of Jove (the famous video blogger). This mod is adapted to all the most popular GPU, and IOS devices.

jove mods

jove mod

This mod replaces the standard, many players bothered bulb sixth sense for a more visible and bright. Author: quatr1k


Select the desired GPU, download and unpack the archive.
Gfx2 folder from the archive to put on such a path: \ data \ net.wargaming.wot.blitz \ files \ Data


sense mod







  1. Mali not working…tested Galaxy tab s 8.4…pls fix

    • Yeah

  2. Well I wanted to post this here because I wanted to say that can you develop the sixth sense mod with a person in a triangle with the caption “Fuck my life”. This appears in mighty jingles video. About the gnomefather’s historical gun sounds video

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