Improvements on the map “Ford “

Friends! We hurry to inform you that new version of the game will be tomorrow. Meet WoT Blitz 4.0. Numbering version 4.0 means that the update will be large-scale and will bring a large number of changes and innovations. Let’s start with the first one: the Ford map. As we learned, the Ford map will have some changes:

Improve the gameplay

Be careful, the location of vegetation on the map will change: the bush, the trees and the relief of the map. Now we have to look for new places for camouflage. Some objects on the map will change their location.


The name of the map corresponds the map

Now the map “Ford” will match the name. The castle in the middle of the map will be higher and darker. The accompanying buildings have also changed. New banners appeared on the main castle. In the screenshots below you can see the map in more detail.

07-fort-gallery_1200x 06-fort-gallery_1200x 05-fort-gallery_1200x 04-fort-gallery_1200x 03-fort-gallery_1200x 02-fort-gallery_1200x 01-fort-gallery_1200x

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