Japanese Tech Tree in the update 2.4

We received insider information that the update WoT Blitz 2.4 developers will introduce the Japanese branch of tanks.
japan wot blitz

New tanks that appear in the update 2.4:
Renault Otsu. Tier 1. Splits of a tree into two branches:

Light Tanks:
Type 95 Ha-Go. Tier 2
Type 98 Ke-Ni. Tier 3
Type 5 Ke-Ho. Tier 4

Medium Tanks:
Chi-Ni. Tier 2
Type 97 Chi-Ha. Tier 3
Type 1 Chi-He. Tier 4
Type 3 Chi-Nu. Tier 5
Type 4 Chi-To. Tier 6
Type 5 Chi-Ri. Tier 7
STA-1. Tier 8
Type 61. Tier 9
STB-1. Tier 10

More screenshots of new tanks:
japan wot blitz172854 japan wot blitz17254 japan wot blitz1264 japan wot blitz1254 japan wot blitz124 japan wot blitz132 japan wot blitz12 japan wot blitz1


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