Jove over cross sight from johnny19041988

Today we want to offer the next work johnny19041988. We offer a sight, not just a sight, but the author’s work from most popular modder in the World of Tanks – Jove.

The sight is very popular among fans of “big tanks”, so johnny19041988 decided to port it for players World of Tanks Blitz. One of the advantages of mod is that it changes color when you hover over the enemy, so when it change the color, you quickly find out whether you are aiming correctly or not.

Important: the rangefinder and the timer will be in place for the time being since it needs to be edited for their permission. We will let you know how to do this a little later.



If you are playing in a PC, then this mod is also suitable for you. The sight was tested on the current version 4.5. AllGPU / AllResolution


archive content to copy to Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data and agrees to replace files and merge folders.


Jove over cross (1 MB)


  1. Fajne mody teraz zwyciężam

  2. Scope taipan 2

  3. Pls Pls

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