Korean Random Weakspot Skins. Shaded for WoT Blitz


Meet the new mod for WoT Blitz – Skins with zones of penetration “Red Star” for Android.

Korean Random Weakspot Skins. Shaded for WoT Blitz

Skins with areas of penetration indicates where the crew, where the different modules of the tank, etc. Each module is painted in the appropriate color, so you’ll know the exact location of the fuel tank combat pack, etc.


Description of the selected area:
Red  – zones penetration.
Pink – ammo rack.
Green – power plant.
Blue  – nternal fuel tanks.
Yellow – crew.
White  – top gun.

Authors: DAGGER and TresSKon

List of tanks:


DickerMax E-50 E-50 M E-75 E-100 Ferdinand JagdPanter JagdPz E100 JagdPzIV JagdTiger Lowe Panter II Panter_II_2 Panter Tiger II Tiger I Stug III T-25 VK3601H


IS IS-3 IS-7 IS-8 ISU-152 KV-1 KV-1S KV-5 KV-220 Ob.704 Ob.268 ST-I SU-85 SU-100 SU-152 T-34 T-34- 85 T-43 T-44 T-54 T-62A T150 Valentine II


M4A3 Sherman M6 Pershing M46 Patton M48 Patton M103 Ram-II T1 Heavy T20 T25AT T28 T29 T32 T34 T95 T110E3 T110E5


Files of the “German” move to the replacement of: /Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/Data/3d/Tanks/German/images

Files from the “USA” to move to the replacement of: /Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/Data/3d/Tanks/USA/images

Files of the “USSR” move to the replacement of: /Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/Data/3d/Tanks/USSR/images


SkinsREDstar_blitzworldoftanks.Com.zip (60 Mb)


  1. For mali note 2 not works

  2. It’s for PowerVR GPUs
    Most of Android phones are using Adreno GPU (such known as Qualcomm’s)
    Plz make mode for Adreno GPU

  3. Plz make mode for Mali GPU

  4. bardzo fajna jest ta gra

  5. This mod is not work

  6. After installing this mods game just crash all the time

  7. This mod is not work, Wot blitz 2.2. please repairs this!

  8. It’s work perfectly for PowerVR!!
    NICE MOD! THX!! → DAGGER and TresSKon

  9. 적용방법을 모르겠음..

  10. Hi… Thank you so much
    I WANT HITZONE OF FRANCH TANKS … PLS CREATE some mode for this problem… Thank you so much

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