Ky4ik Contour Icon Mod v1 for 7.1

If you are tired of the standard icon, then on our site, you can download and install more bright and colorful icons of tanks in battle. These icons were created player Ky4ik.

Upd: 30.07.2020 – updated to 7.1

An example of new icons:

And so they look like in the battle:


Download the archive and extract
Make a backup of the replaced files.
Folder “Date” copy and paste this path: \ data \ net.wargaming.wot.blitz \ files \


(All)Ikon_ver.1_by_Ky4ik (2.24 MB)


  1. not for ios

  2. Hallo hätte da mal so ne frage welcher zip ist für Sony.Danke bitte meldet euch!!!

  3. net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files his size 3 GB but hack file is only 1 mega byteHi
    Path Data/

  4. Path Data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files his size 3 GB but the hack file is only 1 MB ?

  5. Hello,
    VK28 (new german light) is blue but should be light green.

  6. Hello, Sir!
    This mod has a bug which is about vk2801(Light Tank) should be green, but this shows blue(Tank Destroyer)! Please fix this bug as soon as possible!

  7. Version for 2.8 doesn’t work properly… last one, for 2.7 was ok. This one got mixed up icon sizes…

  8. Hello, Sir!

    This still shows the new Soviet TD tech trees as light blue color not like the original blue color!
    Please fix them!

  9. Attached file is wrong… This file is version no.2.

  10. Hello, sir!

    That’s not v1 version, but v2 version! Please replace it to v1 version!
    Also, there is a bug which the French tank FCM 50t must be shown as a Medium tank, but it shows as a Heavy tank. Please fix it as well!


  11. Oh my god dude thank you so much for working on these, I seriously cannot play without them love em too much! I’m really grateful with you Oxmaster. I’ve been using your contour mod since i’ve found it and for me it’s a necesary mod to have.

  12. thx for update you are boss !!! 😀

  13. Not for all tanks…. especially, USA new medium line as T57 but T57 included.
    Please be update it.

  14. Dear sir,

    There are no T57 Heavy line tanks in this file!
    Please add those lines!

  15. pls update it ALL for 3.5v. sights, icons, the whole pack. thanks in advance. a sister site of yours has already the new pc sound mod flipped to blitz on regards. and hit sounds mod too.

  16. Why do you update your website if mods are forbidden?…. Nice way to ban players

  17. Can you please upload the new version of this mode ? (For 5.1)

  18. Dear.
    I found critical problem in the android mod file.
    If the file name contains a “1”, it is changed to “1_DVPL” for all of files.
    Such as “britsh-AT15A.txt.dvpl” changed to “britsh-AT1_DVPL5A.txt”.
    but you can solve easy to change using the some kind of tools as named “DarkNamer.exe”


  19. In 5.6 not working for Android

  20. update please 6.1

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