World of Tanks Blitz – A new game for Android and IOS

World of Tanks Blitz — this that game, as the World of tanks only now on two new platforms: Android and IOS. Yes, it came true! Today the studio Wargaming declared that World of Tanks will be available now and on mobile platforms: phones, tablets, etc.

Map «Duct». First screenshots
«Echelon» – winter map

wot blitz 4

Although the announcement of the game took place recently, but it is safe to assume that this game will be developed not very long, as the base is already there – ready version of World of Tanks. It is necessary to cut off only it and to grind under mobile devices. Well, certainly to tell much more simply, than to make therefore it will be necessary to wait a little.

The gameplay in World of Tanks Blitz practically does not differ from the original version, in addition to the fact that the battle will take place in the mode of seven on seven, not 15 to 15 as we are used to. In the first version of game the military equipment of the following nations will be available: USA, USSR and Germany.

Released, as well as the system requirements has not yet been named, but you can already see the first screenshots of gameplay World of Tanks Blitz.

wot blitz 1

World of Tanks Blitz 3World of Tanks Blitz 2

See more screenshots




  1. U all flamin suck

  2. Where and when can I apply as Beta tester?

  3. are there SPGs and everything nice

  4. good

  5. Cite

  6. Mikoe jön ki ????

  7. What about Windows phone . Ex i have a Nokia lumia 920 . Can i play it??

    • Unfortunately, at the current moment there is no support for Windows phone devices, only for iOS and Android only currently, keep updated

  8. Good

  9. Gaming junkie since ’83. When will the game come out? I volunteer to be a beta tester iPad Air 128GB. Thanks

  10. Good

  11. Can I play it on my iPod 4?

  12. I love tanks so much so I want it on my iPod.

  13. Hello

  14. Haw to download?

  15. Is it possible to use norma W.o.T account in WOT Blitz?

    • yes

  16. Why is not Windows Phone this game? This is discrimination …

  17. Remélem jó lesz

  18. World of tanks

  19. Where can I get the download for world of tanks blitz

  20. Where can I get the download for world of tanks blitz so I can play on my iPad mini which is an iota iOS 7

  21. I’d like to see more team chat options, even some basic stuff would help e.c. “go right”.
    Also it would be great, to see campaigns of some maps so teamwork could develope between players.

    Great game!

  22. does work perfect

  23. Hello There, all this Mods dont work with the Windows 10 Version.

    I need the HitZones for Korean Random and a better Crosshair, pls help.


  24. How to upload mods? I have got a modpack.

  25. Hi, I am GodCoderX.

    I am a developer of a jailbreak app called BlitzModder, which make it much easier to install mods into Blitz.
    I would like you to allow me to add some mods on your website to my app.

    If you want to know about BlitzModder, please refer to its website:

  26. Hello,
    I am wondering how I can get my mods featured on this page.

  27. Hello,
    I am wondering how I can get my mods featured on this page.

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