Map “Castilla” in the update 1.6

Very soon will come a new update 1.6, which awaits a new branch of the British tanks and combat new location “Castile”.

Castile – a small Spanish village with his characteristic topography and terrain. In the center of the area you can see a certain hill, taking that players can control almost the entire map. Hill surrounded by a moat with water, so to call it, you can not be on all sides.

On the map there are many small houses that will serve you for shelter and various maneuvers, and in the center you can see the huge monastery.

Take a look at the screenshots below and start planning their tactics:


mapcastile8 kastilya-10_1 kastilya-09_1 kastilya-08_1 kastilya-07_1 kastilya-06_1 kastilya-05_1 kastilya-04_1 kastilya-03_1 kastilya-02_1 kastilya-01_1

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