Map “Falls Creek” for update 3.0.

In update 3.0 will happen metamorphosis with map “Falls Creek”. The map called “Falls Creek” will be remade and modernized with the addition of new locations to maintain the tactics of the game. Map will become brighter, more spacious, there will be a new place where you can successfully strike at the enemy or to find a good hiding place.
On the screenshot below you can compare the map at the moment and in update 3.0. The changes are obvious.



You can view the map in full size.

Team Battle on the bridge will be in past. In the previous map one of the favorite places for the battle was a bridge, now it is not a successful tactic because now there are fewer places to hide a heavy equipment.


Also changed location of the base. Beside a tank battle on the map there is also a season battle. On one side of the map is still summer, and on the other is already  autumn. This feature also shared the team: your team is located on one side of the map with a certain season and opposing team for a second.
We offer a few screenshots of the new maps.

protoka_article-04 protoka_article-05

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