Micro patch for World of Tanks Blitz v4.2.0.235

Tankmen! We hurry to inform you about the release of a new micro patch under version Players need to go to the Download and reinstall the APK file.
After the release of version 4, 2 there was such a problem as end of the game after some battles. When a player played several fights and for unknown reasons flew out of the game, he had to restart and restart the game.
A large number of players reported this bug and the developers took action – released a micro patch, thereby eliminating an unwanted bug.

  • If specifically you do not see this error, you can not install the micro patch
  • The update was released only for the Android platform, for others it will be released a little later.
  • If the B-C boot screen appears after the end of the battle, and then only the results of the battle appear, this is not a bug at all, it is a specially adopted solution that allows improving the performance of weak computers.

Download update

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