Minimalistic aim5 for World of Tanks Blitz

Today we want to present one of the latest modifications of the Aim series. As you well know, Aim is one of the best scopes by Alpine7. In total, the author’s collection of 4 variations of this sight, this has become the fifth. Aim5 has the following characteristics:

  • Changed font (color, shadow, size)
  • The light will be displayed for 10 seconds.
  • The scatter circle is shown as a dot.
  • In the Angara there will be a button “to fight”
  • Camouflage will become brighter (except the legendary)
  • Developer Settings
  • Ping / FPS moved to the right side
  • much more

This sight belongs to the category of minimalistic and has FullHD screen resolution. The mod is coming to the current version of the game.


Minimalistic aim5 (7 MB)


  1. Really cool. Good work.

  2. Its in russian how to put it in english?

  3. I agree
    it would be cool that at least it was in english

  4. Como instalo los mods al juego?

  5. los mods son ilegales… nos se por que aun los siguen haciendo a wg le vale un pito el blitz jugadores como que usaba este tipo de mods nos vemos amenazados por las politicas de dicho juego.

  6. this mods are not illegal as it doesnt give player advantages in battle.

  7. i just tried it. this mod cause blitz to stop working and auto close. PLease fix it, sensei

  8. makes the game crash instantly.

  9. Doesnt work as of 6.5

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