Minimalistic joystick for World of Tanks Blitz

Many players have requested  joystick that would not be too overloaded, bright and distracting. Such joystick we represent today. Minimalistic, translucent, delicate joystick from the player johnny19041988 (we thanks to him about it). Current version 2.8. Work mod you can see in the screenshot below.


The same: Copy and gfx2 gfx folder in android / data / net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data


Minimalistic joystick


  1. Can you upload a file of the skins of the tanks? or rust coloured ones to go with the hangar?

  2. Android (5.1)gaming hand Newgame (N1) can control all the functions of the games Wordl of Tanks Blitz, what software shoyld support…?
    Thank somuch.!

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