Mod adds a minimum graphics

Mod is specifically designed for owners of weak devices or old models of mobile. Sometimes because of weak gadget game is not loaded, buggy or can. If you want to avoid such situation, we offer mod with the addition of an ultra or  minimum graphics. Now you will be able to set all  parameters of low quality. Play with pleasure.



apkk to rename the .apk

Minimum graphics (50 MB)


  1. I want that mod to work on all version so much 🙁 today i download the kod rename it and install it then it start to download but it stop on version 2.9.0 and download finished so it dont work for me kn 3.2.2 and i still play with 15fps so bad pls hell us if u can do somethjnk to that mod :*(

    • Sry about my miss clicks on keyboard mod* on 3.2.2* pls hellp* us do somethink* this is the right i want to say
      Pls is it possable that mod to work on every patch ?

      • HELP* sry again i rly chat hard on that so mini kayboard have a nice day 🙂

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