Mod APK from Crazy Crab for WOT Blitz

Today we want to offer a mod for advanced graphics settings + other nice little things. Mod fully fits the current version of the game 4.2 and has even been updated for the latest micro-patch
What awaits you in this mod? With this modification, players will be able to customize the graphics and change the settings right in the game. Mod is designed for simplified customization of the client without its editing and reinstallation. Settings can be changed during combat.


  • Hit markers – regulates the font of damage
  • Ammo control – font size for shells
  • Touch Sensitivity – adjusts the sensitivity in certain areas (free camera, joystick, control)
  • Camera fixed positions – camera control (for PC Arcade 25)
  • Touch Sensitiviry – sensor sensitivity adjustment
  • Mouse Sensitivity – mouse sensitivity control
  • Follow aim switch control – Global – auto sight in arcade / sniper scope
  • Hub show minimap – Enable the squares on the mini map.
  • Player current square – your location on the map
  • Armor visilation – Global – adjusts the color of penetration zones in the RGBA system (red, green, blue) for clearer penetration zones

You can install the mod in two ways:

  • If you have the possibility of unlimited Internet, you need to download the cache again, but first completely whack the game
  • If you do not have the option to download the cache, you need to track the path to the cache and simply rename it.

Mod APK from Crazy Crab (52 MB) download for android

Mod APK from Crazy Crab (2 MB) download for Steam

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