Mod – fiery exhaust, like Franken-tank 7.3

Hello everybody,

Recently, the network has a new, small but very entertaining modification that adds a fiery exhaust, like Franken-tank on all the tanks. This mode does not provide any benefits, but only improves visual gameplay.

Who liked it, you can safely install. Suddenly you razonravaitsya modification, you can always download the original file from the link below.


Examples of mod:

Screenshot_2016-01-24-15-51-02 Screenshot_2016-01-24-15-50-39


Download and unzip the archive.

The files from the archive to put on this way: net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data/3d/FX/


FireEffect (6 Kb)



  1. How do I download this for ios

  2. Where the data and all I get is black smoke instead of fire plz help!!!!

  3. ถ้ามอะไรทึ่ครับเจ้าของmodทำอย่างผมจะใช้modได้

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