Mod: Historical gun sounds v7.3 for WoT Blitz

Dear tankers,
Present to you the sound mode replaces the standard sound of gunfire on historical guns. Sounds are divided into 30 types and calibres, and modification guns 152mm BL-10, 100mm U-8TS and 122mm M62-T2 have their own sound, which is not used in other these caliber guns. Mod is collected on the basis of similar mods for World of Tanks and beyond.

Mod Historical gun sounds

– Download archive;
– Keep the original folder “Sfx” and “XML” from the cache;
– Unzip the archive to /sdcard/Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/ or /data/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/DAVAProject/

P.S.S. Anyone who does not like the voice of the crew after the shot, set up a file from the archive to a folder Sfx




  1. Hey, the gun sound is not working on Churcil Gun Carrier

    • why would you use the churchill GC anyway it is a shit tank

    • not worked on t69 and t57 heavy . has eror

  2. all the british tanks have no sound. . . , pls fix this, I really like this sound :3

    • :v

  3. Hey i just wanna bring this up, i really damn love those sound effects but i have this bug when i use my jagdtiger with the strongest gun. And when i play a game, my game just focus stop… Please fix this bug because i really am in love with this sfx mod.

  4. When I use this mod my game crashes when I use the is7

  5. The more I use the mod the more my game crashes but it sounds amazing

  6. This mod is very good you havet to try this!!!!

  7. Its just really awesome, but the game crashes every time when im in the loading screen before the battle in my jagdtiger!?!

    Without mod this isnt so and the problems disappeared when i deinstalled it. Please fix this problem, because the normal sounds are absolutely annoying!

    • Hey PTank, im having the same problem here. I have a Jagdtiger too and some of the maps i wanna play crashed. Hope they can do something about this because i really love this mod ;D

      • Hey ZiniZi 🙂 i hope too ^^

    • Same think with me

    • The bug seems to be fixed now ^^ thanks a lot!

  8. my game crashed whenever I battle with my tier 8-10 tanks

  9. Sounds are ridiculiously good, i played with kv2 it can blow my head off when using headphones, but in higher tier games with my isu152, jagdtiger it crashes, it worked with t28prototype in tier9 game, but there were no jags or isus.. fix it asap

    • xml파일이 호환이 안된다

      xml 폴더를 적용 하면
      로딩화면에서 멈추고 게임실행이 안된다

      xml폴더를 적용 안하면
      포소리 안난다

      xml폴더 문제인거 같다

  10. my game crashed when i use IS-7
    My device: iPad Air2

  11. I notice everytime i hv a match involving tier 10 my game crashes, but when i uninstall this mod game dont crash at tier 10 battles.

  12. My game crashes when I play with my maus:(

  13. i still can’t disable the crew’s sound, can u help me?

  14. IS-7 error guy

  15. Its not IS 7 that is causing this. When you use any of your high tier tanks sometimes it will crash that is based on my experience i had. And i really love this sound mod gosssbh darnit.

  16. soviet tier 9-10 crash
    I already to test this
    I not paste USSR XML Can to play but not have soviet sound gun

    • but I belived IS-7 is crash

  17. game crash guy please fix

  18. Finally the best sfx mod is fix no crashes at all, great if you mix with wotb sfx mod if you want to change engine sounds

  19. Thx fix bug

  20. GUYS, dont worry, The bug is FIXED, 100%!!!, Thanksss 😀 😀
    I already tested it with my MAUS, and it’s worked perfectly fine

  21. have bug again!!

  22. I think first version is better than 2.1

  23. Hi guys,
    With the 2.2 there’s no more russian voice after each shoot,miss it so much.Can u fix it,please.


  25. Please fix bug!

  26. Does this work for 2.3? Has anybody tested it?

  27. Hi. How can i remove russian voice after hit? Sounds are awesome but that voice…

    • How dobu install correctly I’ve had 7 other mods working just don’t now how to so this one

  28. Cómo instaló los mods?

  29. Can someone confirm this works on 2.4? If I installl this it might probably crash.

    • Doesn’t work with 2.4 at this point of time

  30. Hi, are there any plans to make this compatible with the 2.4 update? Currently this mod will make the game crash

  31. I installed this on 2.4 and it works great when Im playing on Tier 5 tanks but I haven’t tested this on higher tiers. So far no crashes at all 🙂 Great Mod!

  32. i like this sound very much. but sometimes the explosion sound comes slowly, about 2s. can u fix it.

  33. Still not working on my device.. ;-;)

    • I installed this on 2.4 and it worked well for me especially when I am using my tier 10 T62A. It doesn’t seem to crash at all. The sounds are epic but whats lacking is the russian crew voice after firing upon a tank.

  34. Bug

  35. Game was crashing when I start the battle pls fix it

  36. maybe T7car have a problem

  37. T7 combat car make the game crashes with this MOD. Please fix this.

  38. hello, everyone. i’m just player of wot:blitz
    i just fixed T7 Combat Car issue with modifying xml which located in:
    i change 12.7mm cannon sound file name to shot_37mm_SH37 (maybe japaness cannon sound? i’m not sure)
    i think newly added 12.7mm cannon sound in auto.fsb somewhere damaged.
    so i just change variable name for indicating other sound file.
    i know, it is just improvised. 🙂

    i tested it with my Ipad Air1(iOS 8.2) with WOT:B 2.4.0

    here is fixed file(included FULL Sound)
    i did not have any right and any permission. if original author don’t like this, i will terminate this sharing.

    • Thanks Dude! I only the sound of the T7 but it is a downfall when you fire in sniper mode the gun sounds echo alot which is unfortunate but overall the sounds are good also when not in sniper mode.

      • Yes. It is so nosiy i think. 🙁
        But i rarely ride t7 and i dont not how to make or reduce echo soundfile.

  39. Hello to the creator of this mod,
    I went to all the tanks and some r not powerful sounds. I suggest that this mod should sounds like the gnomefather sound mod. It would be great to hear.

  40. The sounds are addictingly great. But after a while the crew voices are lost. The same thing goes for Anko. I really love the modified crew voice of the Anko. Please fix.

  41. The w.o.t application doesnt work when I play the T7 Car… plz fix the problem

  42. My game get closed when I am in a match with a T7 combat car and type62 dragon. I just use this sound mod , so I am sure that the problem comes from this mod.
    Please quit the problems and bring out a new version.
    Thank you a lot.

  43. We need version 2.5.0!!!!!!!!!! plZZZZ

  44. The same here. Game crashes at loading screen, when T7 CC and Type 62 are at the Lineup. Pls bring in 2.5

  45. again, hello, everyone. i’m just player of wot:blitz

    i just patched Type 62 Dragon sound patch

    i confirmed Type 62’s sound file XML info is missing

    so i added info with shot_85mm sound

    T7 CC patch + Type 62 Dragon patch are included with full sound files

    here you are~!


    • thanks

      i love you

      • Your welcome!

        Thanks for ‘thanks’ 🙂

        • I just made fixed version of 2.6.
          But I didn’t add sound files and…
          I found bugs…. plz upload file for 2.6 update

    • Great Lockerz 🙂 tyvm

      • your welcome~! 🙂

    • thx for this
      I love you to much 🙂

      • your welcome~! 🙂

    • Um,can you look into why the crew voice disappears around 5:40 in a match?

      • hmm… i dont have that issue with my ipad air1…

        can you reinstall WOT:B and re-apply patch?

  46. your welcome~! 🙂

    • We need sound ver2.6!

  47. There is no download link. Only for gun_voice

  48. where the download link???

  49. Link is missing for the gun sounds

  50. where’s the download button :v

  51. Thanks for sharing, but where the download button?

  52. I think hes just updating the pack, the pack will probably be uploaded a few days later

  53. I just fixed all bugs(for 2.6 update)


    just wait for download, it works.

    put DATA folder

    to android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files

    • click the link and wait for download dont click any other thing

    • Does it just add the missing files or its actually the entire sound pack?

      • nope. just fix bugs

    • These are not the sounds from Historial Gun sounds mod. Completely different

      • I just fix previous version of this mod. Maybe quiet different…this is not a PC version

        • Why fix previous versions? There were no bugs except t7 and type 62 and they have been fixed. When installed your “bugfix” nearly every gun sounds the same and the sounds are from pc

        • @admin

          Please share the link. Game sounds so boring without your mod 😉

    • I just fixed Luch tank gun…

      Soon gun sound will add in this file

      download fixed version!25741&authkey=!AHjEGExBwOqIVQA&ithint=file%2czip

  54. Please make a gnomefather engine and gun sound version

  55. Not workin i insert to files and not work!

  56. Thanks, will try

    • your welcome~

  57. Please, there is no download for the mod. Please fix this and fast!

  58. the link is go please fix i need that mod or send me the fille please

  59. How do I install this on iOS?

  60. again, again, hello, everyone. i’m just player of wot:blitz
    i just patched for newly added gun sound.
    i modified sound file XML for new RU TD line(same sound from old RU TD line) and France Tanks(same sound USA 90mm from t20)

    i love this mod, so i can not wait for be updated.

    then, i modified it!

    i did not know where to share. so i left link here.

    here you are~!

    let’s roll with cinematic REAL SOUND, Tankers!

  61. again, again, hello, everyone. i’m just player of wot:blitz
    i just patched for newly added gun sound.
    i modified sound file XML for new RU TD line(same sound from old RU TD line) and France Tanks(same sound USA 90mm from t20)
    i love this mod, so i can not wait for be updated.
    then, i modified it!
    i did not know where to share. so i left link here.
    here you are~!
    let’s roll with cinematic REAL SOUND, Tankers!

    oh, i just forgot adding DATA folder for directory hierarchy.
    so i add it for convenient install

  62. We need an update fore the new japenese Tiger. The 88 is not in the Gun file

    • Lockerz youre a hero!!!!

      • my pleasure 🙂

    • Working great in 2.9
      Marshmallow 6.0.1
      Galaxy s6 edge
      Thanks Lockerz

  63. Can I do this by mobile or only by PC?

    • its for mobile. WOT : BLITZ

  64. Outstanding, thanks!

    • your welcome~ 🙂

  65. We need a voice pack ver2.9!!

  66. When I applied this mod to the game the guns sounded nothing like they did in the video.

  67. not working
    it just crashes
    pls. fix it

    • Working fine for me in 2.10
      Galaxy s6 edge
      Marshmallow 6.0.1

  68. How do you uninstall old versions of the mod

  69. Hey, can you tell intrusions how to install on iMac please? I don’t understand the instructions for Android onto my iMac

  70. Problems with new german tanks…. Version 2.11.0

  71. Dear Ky4ik the historic gun mod is fantastic. I’ve been using your mods since 1.9 and I love them. But I was wandering if you would do the gun mod for 2.11? Would you be interested in a engine mod if too? I’ve been looking for one for a while and to no success could find one. please I would be interested in it. Thank you

  72. Please update this great sounds to new version:)

  73. yeah, pls update

  74. Sometime In v.2.11 Game was crashing when I start the battle using tier 8 – 10 pls fix it

  75. The gun sounds won’t work on update 2.11.0 it crash the game please fix this nug i really love this mod please fix it

  76. Please fix some time forced close / crash at loading battle in tier 8 – 10

  77. Crash its not working pls fix

  78. Will we see and update to the historical gun sounds for WoTB 2.11? If so when?

  79. It says the file is corrupt

  80. Su-76i – this tank will crash the game. Please update it.

    • Yes,when i playing tier 3 game crashes!Pls fix’it.

  81. Indeed, tier 3 crashes the game a lot

  82. Doesn’t work, please post another fixed one

  83. please dear admins i just heard that wg has somehow been able to reject ALL mods.. for i havent played since feb.2016 all mods were working fine,up till now.
    not a single mod is working anymore i run on a lenovo lifetab with android 4.4.
    not even the dead white tanks will work anymore.
    pls dear programmers, if its just a setback, or what else inform us
    for u have much better insight
    thx in advance

    • They work, but you have to edit them yourself

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  85. How to get it to work?

  86. please update

  87. plese update whenever i enter in battle whit my isu-122s i get crash and when i uninstall gun sounds its works ok, so plese fix it

  88. ourdated pls upgrade to ver 3.4

  89. The mod needs an update to 3.4

    • All the sounds except of ussr are working, as soon as i replace the ussr sounds, my game starts crashing after “loading vehicles”, this problem started happening after i got the T54 Prototype 1. And if i replace the ussr sounds with the original files, it does work but i cant hear anything from the ussr tanks guns, but the sounds from the tanks of the other Nations work. Please fix this soon. Thanks.

  90. 3.4 pls

  91. update please

  92. Mods3.3 can not play update please

  93. 3.4 pls

  94. Revenge gameversion 3.4.2 Crashtest Witz this Mod in my Nvidia shield k1 Tab.

    • Recent*

      • What the xxxx am I typing?

        Recent gameversion 3.4.2 crashes with this mod on my Nvidia shield Tab.

  95. Yap it crashes . -.

  96. Plz fix it fast
    Thats mod crash on loading vehicle
    I love this mod

  97. Goold

  98. Has it been fixed?

  99. Pls fix or we riot :v

  100. did not work !!
    fixed. i want to use again.

  101. Haloooooooo fix pls

  102. pls say anything. make or dont make
    i dont wait this mod
    this is one of all that better.

  103. hey !!!
    pls fix this mod for windows 8.1
    not worked on t69 and t57 heavy. has eror

  104. get to the work

  105. Just took a peek at the Russian page and they are having the exact same problem :v

  106. hey.
    thank you for fix this mod.
    good luck

  107. Yeah you fixed the mod(3.4), thank you owo/

  108. Hi
    Please fix this mod.update 3.5
    Best mod in wot b.
    Just use new sounds for amx 50 line.
    Thank you
    Good luck

  109. Plsssss 3.5

  110. do its work now?:)

  111. Hey… It’s not working!!

  112. I hope this mod will update to version 3.6!

  113. Update for 3.6.1?

  114. 希望可以更新3.6.1的Mod

  115. Update for 3.61 plzzzz

  116. 3.6.1 please

  117. Update for 3.6.1?

  118. 3.61?

  119. Guys, how to fix this mod random crashing during battle screen loading?

  120. Hi
    Pls update for v3.7

  121. 3.6.1

  122. How to get rid of the potato when shooting? I just want to mod the sound nothing more 😛

  123. 3.7 pls

  124. 3.7

  125. Pls 3.7
    Oh my god

  126. when i instal this mod on my wot blitz 1.7.1 , game instantly carsh , and then I must reinstal game (that take me 35 min.) , please help me 🙁

  127. Mod installed but whenever the game trys to load tanks in the hanger it force stops, some help would be nice !!! ? don’t know whether it’s the mod or what !!! I have v3.7 of w.o.t.

  128. Please fix this when the game is loading the tanks in the game froze and crash a few sec later.Maybe something wrong with the mod please fix asap i love the sound!

  129. Please fix this when the game is loading the tanks in the game froze and crash a few sec later.Maybe something wrong with the mod please fix asap i love the sound!I hope this bug thingy will be fixed soon

  130. guys,App BlitxModder have the newest history gun sound

  131. hi
    pls / pls / pls
    fix this mod for v3.8
    do you can ?
    just irani person can do it

  132. обновите озвучку выстрелов до 3.10

  133. 4.1?

  134. I’m new to mods. How do install this on a Mac?

    • Isn’t it like that Mac‘s can install windows? Try it on windows if that’s the case. You can find many videos on yt how to do it.

  135. I would like to see an updated version of this in WoTB 4.6. The mod works on some tanks, but most of the time i see ducks. Yes, ducks,instead of the proper texture of the tank. The wotb page on facebook says that if the ducks appear, there are errors on the files. Maybe the error is caused by the mod??? I really like this sound mod because the gun sounds are louder and better than the original ones.

    • YES!!! i have same bug, i have GIANT DUCKS in my hangar, i want an update , i looooove this sound mod

  136. What the hell. It installed a yellow duck, and everytime I play now it lags badly. Anyway I can take the duck off?

    • No for the moment, de have all the same problem

  137. Is there a way to make it work for iOS?

  138. ALL UssR tank no Voice….

  139. Rejuvenated snare programme:

  140. can’t wait for the update of this mod for wot bliz 5.2!! Nice mod!

  141. nice mod, just pls update to the 5.3v wotb, all tanks do sound when shoot, except me, and when i switch of tank (any tier and type)is the same situation, i dont make sound when shoot but all enemies and team do it.

  142. Need to update for 5.3. I always get kicked out of the match where either of the two newest premium tanks present. And I’m sure it has to do with the mod files for those two tanks haven’t been added.

    • me to , got a same problem

  143. Please dear sir update this mod to current version , now istalling this mod crashes the game. This was really the dopest sound mod i ever tried to wot blitz it’s a same i have to return to the stock wot blitz gun sounds. Thanks in advance for your time doing this awesome mod and keeping it up to date!

  144. For those all who are asking the mod to be updated. I have updated and optimized all of the tanks (basically rewrote the entire mod’s XML contents).

    Here is the link to the High Quality Optimized file

    • This is one of my favorite mods, ive been using it for quite some time now. Sucks that this mod is updated semi often. You have my thanks for doing it, I am sure many others appreciate this as well.

    • Bro thank you so damn much , it’s been months since we can’t use the mod and it was so damn frustrating returning to the normal awful gun sounds , and u updated it.U DA REAL MVP. If you have anything you need support on SHOUT! (Youtube.etc) I’ll check back.

      NOTE TO OTHER USERS : I have scanned Darkeh’s mod and it’s virus free I’m using it right now.

    • Please kind modders update to patch 5.6.

    • Can you do the same for 5.7, good sir..

  145. Pls update this for patch 5.6


  147. Wogóle nie ma dźwięku wystrzału naprawcie to proszę

  148. THANK YOU!!!


  150. ****************Almost all if not all british guns have no sound! *************

  151. 5.7 please

  152. Please update for 5.7 theres a crashing bug due to the Chrysler K

  153. update please for 5.7

  154. UPDATE PLEASE??? 🙁

    • Note this is for the world of tanks PC gun sounds and not realcannons

      • I know kd0g76 but its a alternative for players they don’t like the normally sounds 😉

        • I know, but the way you worded that it seemed like there was an update for this mod, Realcannons

  155. Update 5.8 pls.

  156. Update 5.8 pls guys!



  159. Where ate u? Are u alive yet? We wait long time a go for update this mod. Pls pls plsssss do that plssssss

  160. If anyone could update this awesome mod , i (and i think many more ) would appreciate it af.


  162. WHY DON’T YOU GUYS UPDATE THIS MOD? ANSWER ME PLEASE! Are there any alternatives?


  164. Update to last versions plz

  165. i think the BL-10 gun sound from GROUND WAR TANK 85mm sound


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