Mod “Historical tanks skins”

There are so much skins: anime, colorful, futoristicheskie, minimalist style, the author’s skin. But today we want to offer a historical skins for your combat vehicles. This is not just a mod, but the whole assembly of the skins, where you will find almost all tanks skins are present in the game.
The author of the assembling is the player under nickname Ky4ik. Since the battle vehicle is regularly replenished the author monitor the replenishment and upgrad his assembly. Here are all skins in a historic style, which were developed at the moment. Now you do not need to search the internet, you will find everything here.


image-7 image-6 image-11 image-10 image-9


Historical tanks skins (180 MB)


  1. The skins for the E25 and Stug II are corrupted making the tank textures look awful! Someone fix this please.

  2. The german light tank line from the luch to the ru wont show and are just bule and pink.

  3. too many bug texture, anyone know where i contact with the mod author?

    • No clue but wot blitz should hire him

  4. How can I turn it on?

  5. Where can I find a historical tiger 1 camo mod?

  6. The tracks are always in purple blue ish colour, and on the tank skin there are some rectangles so fix this please

  7. This mod neeeeeeed update , please add new skins on new tanks

  8. If you see the pink and blue. Then it could mean that your download has failed so try again and find out of it fixes.

  9. Všechno dobrý

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