Mod “Inquisition fires”

Recently, we offered a hangar which called “Crusaders”. The author decided to improve his hangar and has developed a mod, “Inquisition fires”. In this mod instead of smoke from hatches you will see flame pillar. You can choose between the middle pillar of fire and a mega large.
Mod does not carry any practical benefit for the player, its goal is only an aesthetic picture. With this modification hangar looks very impressive and cool.
Inquisition fires are suitable for any type and style of the hangar. Choose your favorite garage and make it more effective.


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1. Copy the file
2. Put in the way: Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data / Configs / Particles
3. Agree to replace the files and folders Association


fire1 (1 MB)

fire2  (1 MB)

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  1. It says the page not exist… Pls help me, l really want that mod.

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