Mod “Minimalistic croshhair of CarloBLR” by quatr1k

Nice minimalist sight created player CarloBLR. As they say, if you are tired of the standard scope, you can install this. This scope supports all of the GPU.


Screenshot_2015-07-12-05-44-04 Screenshot_2015-07-12-05-44-58 (1)


– Download and unzip the archive
– Copy the folder “Gfx” and “Gfx2” on such way: cache / files / Data /


(All)CarloBLR_v1.1.1_BLITZMODS (3.2 Mb)


  1. Notice!!!!

    Do not use this mod on Blitz 1.11

    All BattleScreen Hud demaged when you change texture file.

    Do not use!

    • Pretty much trolling…

      • Hes not trolling. This sht mod destroyed my hud -.-

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