Mod replace of camouflage

Friends! Today, on the spaces of the Internet we found a modification that will appeal to many players. Installing the mod yourself, you can replace the standard camouflage version of the unusual and highly unpredictable. Such your tankshave no been.
From conventional combat vehicles your tanks will be a real work of art. Beautiful, cute, funny, a little scary – but certainly not standard. Author of mod is For Blitz team.


Screenshot_2016-08-05-21-43-19 Screenshot_2016-08-05-21-41-15 Screenshot_2016-08-05-21-40-36

Android -> Data -> net.vargeyming.votblits -> fayles -> Data -> 3D -> Tunxi -> kamuflyadzhes -> Common.

Camouflages (150 KB)


  1. nasıl yapılıyor .. bize de gösterir misiniz … this is turkish …
    how can ı do thıs mod ? … program name ? …

  2. Android datadaki wotblitz klasorune anatacaksin yunus kendi degistirir

  3. Nice.
    Could one of you make alternative camos for BT-SV tank??? It could be a great joy for me, it’s my favorite tank !!

  4. Love this mod

    Can you guys make more of this camp, but with a character….like batman Superman,joker…etc.

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