Mod replacement IS-3 on IS-3 with LM

Friends! Many tankers say that IS-3 with LM found them very rarely and only in rendom battles. To correct this situation we offer this mod. IS-3 with the LM (loading mechanism that alters the structure of the tower).
If you want to have a tank yourself, simply use this mod. The mod replaces the IS-3 on the IS-3 with LM. The author promises to make a universal version of mod 3.3.




 IS-3 with LM (9 MB)


  1. I am quite confused on what the purpose of this mod, Does this replace the 3D model of the IS-3 with a completely new one? I don’t get it.

  2. UPDATE: This mod replaces the IS3 Defender with the image above, it changes the skin and 3D model also the destroyed model. Please don’t make the description confusing!

  3. El mod remplasa el is 3 defender por el is 3 normal?

  4. Excellent mod friend. How did you get that color of grass and the ground? It is a mod? What could happen?
    use translator to comment

  5. Hola me gustaría que hicieran un tutorial enseñando cómo utilizar estos Mods en un computador. Gracias espero su respuesta. Feliz Día.

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