MOD: The new, colored minimap in the WoT Blitz 3.4, as in World of Tanks



We represent your attention, by a new mini-map that was created for those players who have played for a long time in large tanks (World of Tanks) and have become accustomed to the minimap.

More screenshots:

11 21 31 41 51

Before installing the mod to make backup of the original files Gfx2 / Gfx
Download the appropriate file and unpack.
folder “net.wargaming.wot.blits” copy and put it in the game, confirm the replacement



(All)ColorMaps_by_Dagger (8.80 Мб)


  1. Hey meine mods gehen nicht bitte beheben

  2. Link is missing “/”

    proper link is:

  3. Hello,

    The mod does not work for the English version as the map/folder names are different! Could you please explain what folder correlates to which map? E.a. “Asia” is presumably “lost temple”?

  4. Hello admins and modders of this website. I am impressed with your work and I am interested in if you can work on more minimap mods. Such as the ability to enlarge the minimap on Mac devices and show positions of last spotted enemies on it. Thank you very much!

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