Modpac from Slider for World of Tanks Blitz 4.2

Today we want to offer you another modpack. Only the most important mods are included in this modpack:

  • sight
  • voice-over
  • 3D Icons
  • 6th sense lamp
  • HD skins

This modpack belongs to the blogger under the nickname Slider. The author has chosen convenient and useful mods, with which it will be much easier and more effective to play. Thus, a concrete assembly was obtained. All these mods, the author uses himself in the game. I want to note that the authors of all mods is not Slider, but other modders, Slider only assembled mods in one modpack.


2563 5508

If you do not like a mod, you can replace it with the one you want. All the mods in the assembly can be downloaded separately, so you can add and modify the modpack for yourself. In addition, we offer a video with a detailed description of mods and installation from the author.

sight (2 MB)

voice (4 MB)

3D Icons (3 MB)

6th senses light (1 MB)

HD skins

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