Modpack by HiroX for WoT Blitz 2.2

Meet the new modpak from player HiroX’a, which brought together all of the most informative and workable modifications for WoT Blitz 2.2.

More screenshots:


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MoDpack includes 13 mods:
Camouflage skins for all tanks
Icons of camouflaged tanks in the hangar
Colored icons in the battle tanks
Colored minimap without grid
White corpses for all tanks
In the hangar removed the effects of smoke and fire
Screen changer win / lose more beautiful
Installed sight “like Flash” by xR11
Installed damaged panel by xR11
Change of gunshots to normal
Change the music download the battle music from the PC-version
Change the voice of the crew on the PC-version
For players without premium hangar replaced by a premium

Skins for tanks:
EC-7, object 704 + T-54 in the same style
The British branch
MAUS (№3)
E75 and T110E5
E100 (№1)
Tiger I


How to reinstall .APK file and do not re-download cache:
Open the folder Android \ data \
Folder “net.wargaming.wot.blitz” renamed to any other name.
remove game
Set .APK from this Modpack
Re cache folder rename it “net.wargaming.wot.blitz”
enjoy the game


WOTBlitz_2.2_mod_by_mark99.apk (47 Mb)

WOTBlitz_2.2_mod_by_mark99-signed.apk – If you see an inscription: The application is not installed, than download this APK (47 Mb)

2.2.0 APK file with the original tracers: 

WOTBlitz_2.2_mod_by_mark99_no_tracers.apk (44 Mb)

WOTBlitz_2.2_mod_by_mark99_no_tracers-mediakey.apk (44 Mb)

Cache for installation on top of an already installed:

ModPack-by-HiroX-for-WoT-Blitz  MALI (462 Mb)

ModPack-by-HiroX-for-WoT-Blitz  Andreno(616 Mb)


  1. How can i show off the distance like the second picture(28m) above?
    I want to do the same thing to my tank so please let me know the direction I can follow.

    • You must have special .apk file

      • Hello IxSeeYou. Can you send me link for the apk file please? I am a subscriber from your YouTube Channel!!!

  2. How do we disable the white death?
    also,sfx for mali is not working. Im using sgs3

  3. i used mali sfx on my sgs3 but it got busted. no sounds of my running tracks, gun sound and ambience is very low. Tried reinstalling but still the same. Pls tell me how to fix this!

  4. Can someone help me with this mod pack… I don’t know how to make it work

  5. can someone tell me the exact instructions on how to install the mod, cuz i dont understand anything the articles says about installation. I already messed up my game

  6. Can someone tell me exactly what should i do? I dont understand the instructions

  7. Where can I find this unique skins for is7 and other?

  8. please give link download skin !!

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