Modpack for Blitz by Dark Batman for Mali, Adreno

Hi guys, I released his personal version of the collection of mods for WoT Blitz


It included 4 popular and important mods
1. The mod removes the arrow direction
2. Improved minimap
3. The new panel damage
4. Camouflage for all tanks

ModPack updated. The current version 2
was added
– New Sight
– A new voice
– The new sound of the shot
– New radio
– White corpses tanks

More screenshots:

Screenshot_2015-04-13-19-17-09 Screenshot_2015-04-13-18-56-58 Screenshot_2015-04-13-19-20-32 Screenshot_2015-04-13-19-21-39 Screenshot_2015-04-13-19-22-24


move the folder with the replacement of files (if necessary to confirm) “net.wargaming.wot.blitz” on the way sdcard / Android / data


Modpack-Adreno (320 Mb)

Modpack-Mali (350 Mb)


  1. Great work… will try this!
    Btw, can you do modifications on engine sound for it to sound more realistic as what modders did in WOT PC?

    Keep on modding! Gj!

  2. Requesting mods for realistic engine sound and voice of german crews.

  3. pls make duke nukem sound friends and me waiting for it.the russian isnt also bad 😀

  4. Please make duke nukem voice and my friend are waiting for it.i believe moore players would like it.anyway the russian isnt baf to 😀

  5. Really nice mudpack works well and the russian radio is awesome, you are probably russian yourself but if you can english radio would be cool as well. Thank you dark batman

  6. anime voice pack

  7. Does the skins wotks on Tegra too? I have tabket with Tegra v3 but files in folder are Adreno

  8. ใช้ดีคับชอบมากๆคับ

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