ModPack for WoT Blitz – DeluxePack Blitz Edition


Today, the release of new ModPack which included more than 20 mods. ModPack very comfortable set with a special installer

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In order to set mods, you need to download the launcher on the link below, start it, check out the appropriate mods and specify the path where the game. Author: pavlo2001

List of all the mods that are available in this ModPack.
– Skins with modpack FRIZ_RAGE
– Skins for the KV-3 by WARRIOR
– Skins for T18 by SHERIFF
– Skins by LucifeR for Mali
– Skins tanks by xxJUSTDOITxx
– Camouflage skins
– Claws instead of hands on the loading screen
– The shell instead of wheel load
– Six different scopes of ang12123 for Mali
– Port of sight DAGGER c iOS + lamp glare for Adreno
– Sight BlueAlum 1.1 from Risel_24
– Fans sight with a deer
– Disable the direction arrows
– White corpses from ElectroDoc
– Color minimap in World of Tanks
– Voiced with BB WoT Blitz
– Voiced WGTV – Olga from Namatrasnik
– Voiced WGTV – Asya from Namatrasnik


Download and choose the mods!
Move mods if on a flash drive:

If the internal memory of the phone:
Device \ data \ data \ net.wargaming.wot.blitz \ files \ DAVAProject \ Sfx



WoT Blitz — DeluxePack Blitz Edition (330 Mb)


  1. Where is the installer?

    • Where is the installer?! I will play With thise modpack! Where is the installer pls Put the link to!

  2. can you guys make it an English version

  3. не работает, крашится

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