ModPack FRIZ_RAGE 2.0 for WoT Blitz



Meet the first ModPak for World of Tanks Blitz by RRIZZI.
It includes a number of modifications that you can download from our website: new minimap, comfortable sight indicator deer claws on the boot screen, etc. In addition, this ModPak divided into two parts: with and without skins (HitZones)!

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New sight FRIZ_RAGE


How to install:
Download the archive and extract.
Open any folder in the archive (sights, skins, voice, loading screens) depending on what you need. Select with the necessary folder and open it. See there are two folders: high resolution and weak resolution (voice suitable for all resolutions!)
Select the appropriate folder compatible with your monitor. Open it and see folder net.wargaming.wot.blitz. And unpack it into Memorycard / phone memory (depending on where to put) / android / data


FR-MOD-v-2.0-FOR-ADRENO (270Mb)

FRM-V2.0-POWER-VR (222Mb)


  1. Nice mode but it didnt work for me i have note 4 SM-N910C
    Maybe i did something wrong

  2. Can you add mali version of that sir!

  3. english all is pa rusku

  4. Need mali version! MalI users should bot be left alone!

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