Modpack from Crazy Crab for WoT Blitz 6.4

Modder under the nickname Crazy Crab has long been known to many players for their mods and modifications. Today we want to offer another mod from this author. We offer modpack from Crazy Crab for the current version of the game 6.4

In his assembly, the author added new features and made some changes:

  • changed download screen
  • input music changed
  • the appearance has changed. The author changed some colors, added a stroke of golden
  • in the settings, there was an additional tab “developer settings”. Added advanced settings, training mode (for players who wish to re-learn)
  • changed the scope
  • changed sounds of the shot
  • and much more

If you have any questions about installing the modpack, we suggest viewing the author’s video, where he explains the whole process in detail.


Modpack from Crazy Crab for Android (28 MB)


  1. Super mod wkońcu dobrze dobrane dźwięki ładowania bitwy i inne duży plus

    • Fajnie że każda mapa ma inną melodie ze starego wota i himmelsdorf pasuje :(rip good voice loading battle and in battle) ale mam nadzieje że jak dodadzą więcej to się powtarzać nie będie przynajmniej nie co chwile

  2. Thanks so much, Jacque!

  3. how do i install? english pls

  4. What best setting for camera follow aim pls

  5. 5.4?

  6. it’s combatibile with 5.4

  7. 5.4 is out just look up crazy crab.

  8. my game crashed when i opened wotb.

  9. а когда обнова будет?

  10. good work dvpl dont crash pls voice crew british, german, USA and ding original voice pc
    Good work 😉

  11. Почему нет iOS?

  12. 5.9 patch voice gun stop working 🙁

  13. Version 5.9 ????

  14. 5.9 has been out this site does not updated all the time

  15. Do you patch the 6.3 version?

  16. Is there a download link for steam version?

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