[2.1] Modpack GiTlEr KaPuT ver 2.0

Meet another ModPack, which appeared recently. Author ModPaka paxan.sogan united in this collection all possible, workable mods.


1) Replace the standard joystick from the joystick wot blitz 1.0
2) Panel on damage RGY xR11
3) Remove the arrow direction of movement
4) Modified colored card (no mesh) by quatr1k
5) Mod change the appearance of the screen after the Battle statistics
6) Sound modes: “Historical sounds of guns”
7) Maude “global voice” of Ky4ik (Voice alerts on detection of enemy guns and reloading)
9) Skins for WoT Blitz (updated post)
10) “Historic” skins tanks
11) Skin “HF-3 Warrior”
12) Skins for T18 – “SHERIFF”
13) replaced the standard music downloads maps on his own.
14) Fixed a bug with the sight!
15) Mod “White corpses”

More screenshots:


ff йцуйу Asda aqe as


Move mods on such way: / sdcard / Android / data /


GiTlEr-KaPuT-2.0-Light Version mali WoT Blitz 2.1 Mali (52 Mb)

GiTlEr-KaPuT-2.0-Light Version Andreno  for WoT Blitz 2.1 Andreno (52 Mb)

GiTlEr KaPuT 6.0 adreno Full Version (767 Mb)

GiTlEr KaPuT 6.0 mali Full Version (765 Mb)


  1. Can you just give me link of that skin please

  2. For Mali please!!!

  3. Can you give me that garage skin?

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