Modpack Nikitanga for World of Tanks Blitz 3.2.2

Friends! We would like to introduce you  first  modpack from Nikitanga and his team. The biggest advantage of modpack is fact that it includes a lot of useful and necessary mods for battle. You only need to install only one required assembly and you will have all mods for battle. Modpack from Nikitanga has following modifications:
– A new, interesting sights
– Sixth sense with sound
– Comfortable pointer to direct shot
– Colored minimap
– The Crite bell  with voice  from World of Tanks


For your convenience, the author has established “separate mod”. Now you can  select and install the appropriate mods for you in battle.


Download the mod, unzip and go along the way: Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.bliz / files.
For iOS.Folders Gfx, Gfx2 and Sfx along the way:
Var -> mobile -> containers -> bundle -> application -> world of tanks -> wot -> data.


ModPack by Nikitanga  (92 MB)


  1. When I’m unzipping the file I get to 450/692 files completed before it said “unable to extract” so I believe a few of your files are corrupted.

  2. That doesnt work?! How do i do this?

  3. Hey admin,
    Thanks for the mod pack for our phones. Is there any chance at getting this ported over to Windows 10 WindowsApp? Thanks again for your work.


  4. Is there anyway to MAke it not russian I can’t understand what I’m getting into… I don’t want everything just some things here and there.

  5. could you upload the file to a site that is not so pesima download speed? from the link takes almost 3 hours to download 230 mb

  6. Thanks for your mod pack!! realy thanks!!!

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