Modpack PC for World of Tanks Blitz 4.4

Friends! Today we want to present an unusual, but very useful modpack. Why unusual? Yes, because in this modpack author has collected all the files from the PC version. Modpack is perfect for playing World of Tanks Blitz on a computer, just perfect. But the main question remains: what is included in the assembly?

Mods included in the modpack PC

  • Voice of the crew from the PC version
  • The sound of enemy detection
  • Shot of the gun from the PC version (changed)
  • After fighting music
  • Are you waiting for the fight? Why not enjoy good music. We offer a great option, which you will find in this modpack
  • Aim. The author finalized two sights and made his own.
  • Almost 20 skins with realistic and unrealistic names. These mod items are regularly updated and their collection is continually replenished.


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Modpack is suitable for the current version 4.4. If you are interested in a particular mod you can download not only one modpack, but this mod separately. The author tried not to overload the modpack, so he did not add HD models of tanks, in the place of this were selected icons, skins, sights, which will not interfere with the gameplay of the player, as well as stand out against the general background.

  • Unpack
  • The resulting files are copied to Phone memory / Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files



  1. nice mod, download this guys

  2. Super mod ale muzyka himellsdorf nie działa szkoda poza tym jest ok

  3. How to modify tank name? I want to change my Kuro mori mine to Tiger 131 like in PC does anyone know where to go to change it? I see that this mod has changed names. Thanks!

  4. I would like a similar mod pack for WOTB usable on windows. Is it even possible to mod the Blitz for the PC version? My kid is playing the Blitz version of wot on PC and I would like to change some of the skins if possible. Thank you!

    • You need to download Blitz from Steam to use mods on PC. Yeah, it sucks 😛

  5. Can u get a virus when u dawnload the mod??

  6. can you make an updated version for v5.3?

  7. how do i delete it now if i wanna go back to normal or maybe try something else? please help

    • Well to remove it if you didn’t copy and back up the original files before you replaced or over wrote them. Then you will need to uninstall Blitz and reinstall. If you did back up the originals then u just place them in the files the same way that you added the mods.overwriting the mod files.
      But odds are you didn’t memorize every file that was added by the mods so just uninstall and reinstall Blitz.

  8. Zaktualizujcie tego modpaka do wersji 5.6

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