Musical mod before the battle for World of Tanks Blitz

Tankers! We offer musical mod from our regular modder Koks77740. THis mod helps you to listen music directly on the loading screen before the battle.

The structure of mod include 8 songs for every nation and for every taste:
– Amerika -World of Tanks blitz
– Dawn_over_Mountain_Pass – World of Tanks blitz
– Japan – World of Tanks blitz
– Roll_out-World of Tanks blitz
– Russian_theme – World of Tanks blitz
– Search_and_Destroy – World of Tanks blitz
– The_Urge_to_Win – World of Tanks blitz
– Sands_of_EL_Halluf – World of Tanks blitz


All songs will be played at least one minute because sometimes happens to wait long before the battle
Musical events before the battle (13 MB)

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  1. Bad mod… Why? Because it’s impossible to play in this game As long as the music is not finished… Anyway, bad mod.

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