New battlefield for 3.9

In new update, players expect a new, and very interesting field of the battle – the ancient pyramids. This is a new map on which tanks can play, starting at level 3.
Ancient pyramids are a map with picturesque scenery and colorful corners where you will find waterfalls, rivers, bridges and of course the main attraction –¬†pyramids.
This map will be of interest for tanks of any level and direction. Heavy tanks will hide behind uncompleted and dilapidated objects. Light tanks will find plenty of room for maneuvers and chases, for example, on the banks of a river or a bridge.
To test a new battlefield you can already very soon in the update 3.9. How will the new map look like you can see in the screenshot below.


mayan-ruins-mini-1 mayan-ruins-02 mayan-ruins-01

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