New “Echelon” in patch 3.5

To modernize and improve map ‘Echelon’, developers have offered everyone to express their opinions and suggestions in the training room. The most active players received prizes for their interesting and useful tips.
So in update 3.5, which will be released soon, you will be able to experience for yourself all changes and improvements in new map “Echelon”.
Some places have become much easier, and some more elaborate. Changed landscape and some items for a certain kind of tanks. There are fewer wagons on the railway, but more free space that would be easy to move any equipment. The locomotive, which has become familiar to many players are now gone.
Part of the map called the Field of Miracles will be easier for all kinds of equipment, but still conquer all the mountain tops, and it will not work.
Map greatly changed visually. The bright, high-quality lighting shows us a beautiful, bright day with bright sunshine, and that sparkle in the snow. Plus animated sky with airplanes and fighters. Generally completely improved and upgraded map, which you can test in new update.
Download the new mini-map


world-of-tanks-blitz5-min world-of-tanks-blitz7-min world-of-tanks-blitz8-min world-of-tanks-blitz10-min

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