New German branch in the update 2.11

Soon will release a new update 2.11 for World of Tanks Blitz. In this update players will see new addition in the German development tree. New tanks from V to X level will have interesting abilities and capabilities.
A common feature of these tanks – weak armor but instead a great penetrated by any tank with any degree armor. If take an advantageous position in these tanks and successfully avoid falling on you, then you will be able to deliver a crushing blow to any tank and even the most powerful enemy. In addition, all tanks have a funny name: borshch, grill, waffle, rhino or stubborn Emil.

The first representative of German branch – Pz.Sfl. IVc, V level. This tank is also called “grill”, you will immediately understand why seeing it in live. Tank Features:
– Low degree of reservation
– Fast in combat ( to 60 km / h)
– Fast reload time (6.9 seconds)
– It has a good  camouflage
– A great gun that will damage an average of 220 units.


VI level. Nashorn or “rhinoceros”. Tank Features:
– Reload time 5.3 seconds
– To turn at a rate of 36 degrees per second
– Has a wide angle traverse.
– The degree of reservation is very weak
– A good gun to damage on the enemy


VII level. Sturer Emil or “Stubborn Emil.” Tank Features:
– Slow, weak armor
– Reload time gun 1.9 seconds

– Spread  0.36 m to 100 m
– Instruments which turn down to 15 degrees
– The tank has a weapon that can inflict damage up to 600 units


VIII level. Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger or “Borshch”. Tank Features:
– Minimum armor
– Deadly weapon
– A good disguise
– A tool rotates a full 360 degrees


IX level. Waffenträger auf Pz. IV or “wafer.” Tank Features:
– The most armored vehicle from all German branch (80 mm front armor)
– A powerful tool to 12,8 cm Kanone L / 61 (average damage 460 units, reload time 9.2 seconds) or 15 cm Pak L / 38 (640 points of damage, 12.5 seconds reload time)


X level. Grille 15 or “Grill”. Tank Features:
– Practically zero booking
– High speed of movement 60 km / h
– Reload 12.7 seconds
– 279 mm armor-piercing punches and 334 mm cumulative projectiles and inflicts 640 points of damage per shot



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