New in WoT Blitz 4.4

In update, 4.4 players will find new British tanks improvements to rating battles military honour and equipment well as revised characteristics for more than 20 vehicles learn more about it right now.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 001-min

Update 4.4 offers improved characteristics for seven premium vehicles at once the British Excelsior features a better rate of fire.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 003-min

And terrain crossing capacity the American T14 has significantly enhanced firepower with upgraded reload and aiming times and dispersion.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 004-min

Similar changes have been made to the German Dicker max. The Soviet tank destroyers su-100y and su-100i now aim more quickly and shoot more accurately.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 005-min

The Matilda 4 has become more powerful and dynamic and features enhanced penetration for armor-piercing and heat shells.

The Churchill 3 has received an alternative gun which can be unlocked for a mere 100 XP. This new gun shoots a bit slower but is compensated by better accuracy and damage per shot.

The French vehicles have changed as well the durability of the tier 6 tank destroyer ARL V 39 has increased by 120 the heavy ARL 44 has become slower at turning and shooting.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 007-min update WoT Blitz 4.4 006-min

Several auto loading guns have undergone some changes in characteristics the Amx 12t, Amx 13 75 and Amx 13-90 now need more aiming and reload time.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 010-min

Meanwhile the BatChat hasn’t changed at all and is now even cheaper to repair now. That’s a reason to play on it more often.

All in all the characteristics review affected 25 vehicles.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 009-min

Five new tanks arrived from the foggy Albion and with them appeared an alternative pathway to the FV 4202.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 010-min

Cruisers are like tier 2 & 3 tanks. They can’t boast remarkable dynamics, but are very dangerous because of their Auto loaders.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 011-min

At tier 4. You’ll find a light tank you wouldn’t really call light the slow and well armored Valentine.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 012-min

One tier higher sits another old friend the British version of the American Sherman. Playing this tank is great with both a 6 pounder and a howitzer.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 013-min

It is immediately followed by its older brother the Sherman Firefly. The tank features a gun similar to the one on the Black Prince with excellent penetration and high rate of fire.

Update 4.4 contains some equipment changes “Protected modules” and “enhanced cabin” will be replaced with “improved Modules” and “defense system” the latter will significantly decrease the chance for module and crew damage.

The reworks have affected 11 types of existing equipment for example “high-end consumables” will significantly increase the operation time for engine power boost and adrenaline while “improved control” will increase the rotation speed even more.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 014-min

Rating battles have also undergone some changes. From now on entering the mode on tier 9 vehicles will only be possible if you have all the top modules mounted on a vehicle. This is done to ensure improved team matchmaking. In Order to eliminate the temptation to cheat the mode is available only at certain time intervals which are different for every region.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 016-min update WoT Blitz 4.4 015-min

The team results screen has changed to. The list of players now has the average team rating displayed above it and Instead of the earned XP each players personal rating is shown the update features the finalized сomplaints and reward system. The level of military honor can now be viewed beside a player’s name in the battle chat.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 018-min

Notifications about complaints and praises are now available in the garage. The military honor window now displays statistics for both the last 30 days.

update WoT Blitz 4.4 019-min

The top german tank destroyer grill 15 has received the legendary troublemaker camouflage.

That’s all for now play and win on the battlefields of World of Tanks blitz good luck

You can download the new 4.4 update here.

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